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About Otaki Village
Otaki Village is located at latitude 35.8 degrees and longitude 137.6 degrees, approximately 270km from Tokyo (4 hours by car) and 320km from Osaka (5 hours by car).
The village is embraced by Mt. Ontake (3,067m), which is known as a spiritually important mountain for many Shinto pilgrims, and beautiful hinoki cypress trees cover the region. Mountain waters run throughout the village and flow southwest to the plains of the Nagoya metropolitan area.
Otaki Village has an area of 310, of which 97% is forested.  With approximately 900 residents, only 3% of the village is inhabited in an area along the Otaki River.  Otaki's community is warm and kind, and the village has a relaxing atmosphere.
Otaki has the highest precipitation rate in Nagano Prefecture and dams, such as Makio Dam, Miura Dam and Takigoshi Dam, exist to make good use of the village's abundant water. These dams are important sources of water and power for residents of the Nagoya and Kansai metropolitan areas.
The central part of Otaki Village is located at 920m-940m above sea level, and sits on a highland, giving it a climate that is much cooler in summer compared to other areas in Japan that have hot and humid summers.
There are many camping sites and accommodations in the village, which attract many visitors.
Otaki's unique cool climate, which includes heavy rainfall, but also an abundance of sunny weather encourages beautiful forests to grow in the village.
This climate also brings snow in winter, so visitors can also enjoy skiing in wonderful powder snow.
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