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Mt. Ontake
Standing at 3,067 meters, Mt. Ontake (Kiso Ontake-san), with its dignified appearance, has long been admired.  Visitors can enjoy the mountain's dramatic scenery from its hiking trails.  Mt. Ontake is also home to 5 crater lakes.  Among them is Ni-no-ike, which, at 2,905m above sea level, is the highest mountain lake in Japan.
Mt. Ontake is popular among 3,000m plus mountains, in that climbs to the summit can be done in a day.  From Tanohara Nature Park it takes approximately 3 hours to climb to the summit of Mt. Ontake using the "Otaki entrance trail".
Kiyotaki is a waterfall located along the old climbing trail (now a modern road) that runs from Otaki Village to Tanohara Nature Park. The waterfall is well-known as a place of spiritual training, where adherents stand below the falling waters, and is well worth visiting.
Mt. OntakeNi-no-ikeKiyotaki
Ontake Shrine
The main hall of Ontake Shrine sits at 3,067 meters, at the peak of Mt. Ontake, meaning that the entire mountain is an object of worship. Since old times, many people have made the journey to the summit to visit the shrine.
Lake Shizenko
Shizenko is a lake which was formed by a natural earthen dam after a large earthquake in 1984.
Withered, skeletal trees stand in the lake's waters, creating a scene of serenity and sacredness. Visitors can enjoy canoeing on the lake, as well as taking photos.
Lake ShizenkoLake Shizenko
Adventure Racing
Racing events, such as bicycle races, adventure races, and the Sky Marathon, where athletes run to the summit of Mt. Ontake, are held throughout the year.
Adventure RacingAdventure Racing
Ontake 2240 Ski Resort
Offering various courses to accommodate both skiers and snowboarders, Ontake 2240 Ski Resort is located at 2,240m above sea level, on the southeast side of Mt. Ontake.  The resort boasts the largest number of courses in the Kiso area.  Annually, 70% of its days are sunny, allowing you to enjoy long runs in powder snow.

Ontake 2240 Ski ResortOntake 2240 Ski Resort
Forest Railway
This railway was first constructed at the turn of the last century to transport Otaki's famed hinoki cypress trees.
Though the railway line was decommissioned in 1975, remains can be spotted throughout Otaki's forests, and a part of the railway line is preserved as a precious historical asset of the area. 
Forest RailwayForest Railway
Specialties of Otaki Village
Acorn Products
In Otaki Village, the acorn is called the "hidami." Since the ancient Jomon Period (B.C145-A.D10C), acorns have been made into food by techniques handed down through the ages. Now, using modern methods, they are processed into coffee and a variety of tasty sweets for you to enjoy.
Acorn Products
Containing various kinds of herb extracts including cork tree bark essence, Hyakusou is a famous digestive medicine which has been passed down by the villagers in this region.  Ancestors brewed the inner bark of cork trees at the foot Mt. Ontake to make this medicine. This was process was the beginning of Hyakusou.
Otaki Kabu (turnip)
This unique type of turnip has a more than 300 year history of domestication.
Most kabu are oval shaped, soft, and have a bright red color. Akakabu (red turnip) pickles which are made using vinegar, salt and sugar, with no food coloring, are a traditional dish of Otaki Village.
These chopped, pickled turnip leaves are increasingly rare in Japan and are appreciated for their potential health benefits. The leaves are fermented using only lactobacillus and without salt, giving them a distinctive acidic flavor. Here in Kiso, people use them as a topping on noodles, which are then called "Sunki soba."
Wood Art and Craft
All wood products are custom made by hand using wood from the famed trees of the Kiso region.
Camping sites (closed in winter)
Ontake Gingamura Camping Site
This camping site is located at 1,500m above sea level, mid-way up Mt. Ontake.  Cabins and bungalows, as well as tents, are available to rent (tents are available only during the summer months). The campsite also has facilities, such as an observatory to enjoy star-gazing.
※There is no facilities for RV or auto camping.
Ontake Gingamura Camping Site
Ontake Morikichi Auto Camping Site
Each allocated site is equipped with an AC adapter and table.  Toilets and cooking sites are also available in the campground. Ontake Morikichi offers campers a comfortable camping experience in the midst of wonderful nature.

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